CT60 Software page

I am very busy working on the CT60 software. I'll build a decent web page as soon as possible. Please be patient.

The CT60 is an accelerator board for the Atari Falcon 030. It will be the most powerfull board ever for the Falcon thanks to its Motorola 68 060 processor and to its SDRAM controler. It will also be the only accelerator board one can install without any soldering and without any AUTO folder program. We hope to release the board for Christmas. Take a look at http://www.czuba-tech.com for more informations.

This page will be dedicated to the CT60 software support. You'll find here the software needed to use the board. This will mainly be flash upgrades, and probably also patches to help some badly written programs run on CT60.

Here you'll find also all source code for the CT60 software support released under GNU GPL. The CT60 software is written using GCC under FreeMiNT in both C language and Assembly language.

Xavier Joubert - Nov 19 2001